Muslin Blanket Faded Fern

Faded Fern

Get two muslin blankets for €52 (regular price €60) with code 'BABYMUSLIN'.

We sell direct to consumer = directly to you without intermediaries, which is why we can offer premium quality organic products at favorable prices.

Coin de Rêve's magically soft and airy muslin blankets are made from a 100% organic cotton muslin of absolute top quality. The fabric has a beautiful texture and the high quality gives mild and pure colors. Faded Fernis a calm and muted green color. Very nice together with the print Buttercup and Windflower.

We have been looking for the perfect feel in cotton muslin for our blankets: it should be soft, fluffy and cuddly for a little baby. Muslin blankets are often used next to sensitive baby skin and on the face, and therefore it is especially important that the fabric is produced completely without the use of harmful chemicals. Our production is GOTS certified, which means that production complies with the strictest requirements on the market. You can rest assured that your baby will receive the very best.

Muslin blankets have a wide range of uses and are a perfect gift to give to new parents. Perfect as a cozy blanket in the pram, as a thin blanket in warmer temperatures or as protection for peace and quiet when breastfeeding.

Dimensions: 110 x 110 cm.

Delivered in a nice little bag with a drawstring in the same material as the blanket.

Certified ethically made in India.


• Made of premium quality organic cotton muslin.

• GOTS certified organic.

• Made in India, where the cotton is also cultivated.

• Dimensions: 110x110 cm


• Machine wash at 40 degrees with similar colours.

• When tumble drying you achieve the typical crinkle effect. Please run several garments in the tumble dryer at the same time to minimize wearing on the fabric.

• Can be ironed - but you usually wouldn't as the muslin blanket then loses its beautiful crinkle effect.

More detailed care advice for cotton can be found here .


For your baby. Babies have delicate skin and the conventional cotton industry is one of the most chemically intensive in the world. It is the total amount of toxin exposure over time that may harm your baby's health, so you want to minimize the exposure. Choose organic cotton especially for the clothing that is right next to your baby's skin. Every choice you make is a good choice. No harmful chemicals are used in organic cotton production.

For those who work in production and their children. It goes without saying that the health and well being of the people who work with harsh chemicals daily is affected and, sadly, the cotton workers are often unhealthy. In areas where conventional cotton cultivation is replaced by organic, there is a clear health status improvement. It is our responsibility towards humanity to not engage factories that don't care about the health of their workers. We don't use cotton that has a history of causing illness and stress to families in other parts of the world

For our planet. Apart from causing bad health in humans, the chemicals used in conventional cotton production harm the environment. The water and soil are polluted and the balance of the ecosystem is disturbed. Pests develop resistance to the chemicals used and new, even stronger ones are developed. Our kids will inherit this planet, let's make it a beautiful place.

Remember that the term "organic" is often just words.Certification bodies like GOTS controls the factories and farms that are certified. This guarantees that the production is truly organic. OEKO TEX does not equal organic.