Our story


The idea for Coin de Rêve was born in 2015 when both of us, sisters and mothers, were pregnant with child number two. We had wanted to create something together for a long time and had many ideas, but so far none that we really landed on. Before the baby-to-come, we longed for organic baby clothes in exclusive and soft materials, well-thought-out design, beautiful mild colors and yet a classic look. We were inspired by the way our grandmother Margit dressed our mother and uncle when they were small, absolutely magically cute baby clothes and a style that we didn't think any existing brand had really set.

When the thought then hit us; that we could do it ourselves, our own baby clothing brand entirely according to our own dreams and preferences, there was like no turning back. So it happened that on a beautiful autumn day in 2015 we sat down at Åsö konditori and had a start-up meeting, so pep! At that meeting followed many more and amounts of hours were spent on phone/whatsapp (eas we live in two different parts of the country, Stockholm and Ljunghusen, it was unfortunately impossible to continue on Åsö) - planning, sketching, emailing, googling, dreaming (later in combination with breastfeeding, putting the baby to sleep, baby carrier walks and maximum coffee drinking). The clothing industry was a whole new world that we were thrown into, far from the legal jobs we both have on a daily basis.Learning by doing and so incredibly fun.

We thank our lucky stars that we managed to find the best factory in the world, Bergman Rivera. They produce our fabrics and are responsible for the entire production up to the finished garment. We are proud to say that all the cotton garments we sell are produced according to fair trade principles, with GOTS certified materials and manufacturing methods - the very strictest requirements on the market today. Because, in addition to our clothes being the softest, finest and most beautiful, we also want them to be kind to their surroundings. The environment, the children who wear them and the people involved in the manufacturing process. We see it as our garments having a beautiful soul and that soul gives something extra to the wearer of the garment. Fluffy? Maybe a little. But we love it.

The result of our journey can be found here in the shop. Or; the beginning of it, for it has only just begun. We hope you will love our garments as much as we have loved creating them. We can promise that not a single detail has been left to chance.