Niseko Baby Hat

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Sandy White
Smooth Grey

A wonderfully cute helmet hat for baby, knitted in exclusive and super soft Peruvian baby alpaca. Perfect for pram walks due to the baby alpaca's excellent heat insulating ability, together with the fact that it breathes when the temperature rises - i.e. it doesn't get too hot. Pompom on the top of the head and at the end of the laces. Logo embroidery on one ear.

Super nice to match with our other knitted baby collection.


Baby alpaca is a fantastic material for babies for many reasons - like the fact it has its very own built-in stain protectionHow does that work? Well, the fiber is moisture wicking, which means that liquids are not absorbed and can easily be dabbed off the garment. The same goes for oil and other fats and baby alpaca does not attract dust either.

If you feel that your baby alpaca garment needs a refreshment, it is recommended and often enough to air it out.

Despite all this, you may of course need to wash your alpaca garments from time to time. When the time comes, we recommend that you follow these simple steps.

1. Soak the garment in lukewarm water with mild hair shampoo or a mild detergent.

2. Gently squeeze the garment, but do not twist or wring as this can cause it to stretch and lose its shape.

3. Rinse well in cold water and gently squeeze out excess water.

4. Place between two towels and roll + press to absorb even more moisture.

5. Roll out and lay on a flat surface in the desired shape. Let dry.

It doesn't get any harder than that! If you take care of your baby alpaca clothing it will last you a lifetime or more. Enjoy! And if you wish, read more about the material here .


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