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Article: The Organic Evolution: Why You Should Opt for Organic Baby Clothing?

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The Organic Evolution: Why You Should Opt for Organic Baby Clothing?

With growing awareness about sustainability, most of us now comprehend the importance of 'organic' in our daily lives. From the foods we consume to the choices we make in clothing, 'organic' has subtly yet significantly permeated our lifestyle. Coin de Rêve, founded with the ideology of infusing organics into the textile industry, particularly into the baby clothing segment, reflects this progressive shift.

With our inception, we embarked on a journey to make thoughtful choices for our little ones. We aimed to shun synthetics and primarily rely on natural fibres, like cotton, for our baby clothing line. But as we delved deeper into the realm of 'organic', we were confronted with several ambiguities that compelled us to understand what 'organic' truly signifies.

Unravelling the True Essence of 'Organic'

While it's common to find labels screaming 'organic cotton' or 'sustainable choice', the meanings behind these phrases can be quite murky. As parents with myriad responsibilities, understanding these labels often takes a backseat. But, as we ventured into sourcing fabrics for Coin de Rêve, we were enlightened about the stark realities of the cotton industry.

The Unsustainable Side of Conventional Cotton

Conventional cotton farming, quite shockingly, is among the most polluting industries worldwide. Astonishingly, the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies 8 out of 10 pesticides used in this farming as "moderately to highly hazardous". Over time, pests develop resistance, necessitating more potent variants of these harmful chemicals. The impact is two-fold - affecting not only the workers involved in production but also the end users who adorn these chemically-ridden garments. What's more, these chemicals don't always vanish, despite purification processes, and can even be found in spot checks of clothing.

Your Baby's Health: Choosing Safe over Sorry

As parents, we understand the irresistible urge to provide the best for our babies, especially when it concerns their health. Babies, with their delicate and sensitive skin, are far more vulnerable to the harmful effects of these chemicals found in conventional cotton. As the skin is the body's largest organ and in constant contact with clothing, ensuring minimal exposure to toxins becomes not just a priority but a necessity.

While it's not always feasible to insist every garment be GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, a slight shift in approach can have a profound impact on your baby's wellbeing. It's true, organic clothing may cost a tad more, but considering the long-term health benefits and peace of mind it offers, it's indeed a worthwhile investment. Investing in fewer, better-quality pieces can create a more sustainable wardrobe for your little ones, contributing to their overall wellbeing.

The Misinterpretation of 'Organic'

Beware, 'organic' is not always 'protected', and 'sustainable' can be misleading. Many clothing brands use these terms loosely, offering vague interpretations. A deep dive into their credentials might reveal minimal organic content, which is definitely better than none, but it's crucial to be fully informed about what you're purchasing.

Coin de Rêve: Our Commitment to Your Peace of Mind

At Coin de Rêve, we value the trust you place in us and strive to live up to it. We take pride in our partnership with Bergman Rivera, a Swedish-Peruvian company known for its strict GOTS Certified Organic production from cotton seed to the final garment. As members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WTO), they ensure fair conditions throughout their production process. Similarly, we've also collaborated with Ekolteks, a Turkish factory acclaimed for its GOTS certified and long-standing organic cotton production. When you choose Coin de Rêve, you're not just choosing a clothing brand, you're embracing a commitment to the highest standards of safety and comfort for your baby.

The Call to Transparency

As we wrap up, we urge you, our cherished community, to seek transparency in your fashion choices. The provenance of your clothes should never be a mystery. To further explore this, we recommend the hashtag #WhoMadeMyClothes, initiated by Fashion Revolution. Olivia Pinnock's compelling article on Forbes about this initiative provides a deeper insight into the critical need for transparency in the fashion industry.

Remember, every step towards organic and sustainable clothing is a giant leap for your baby's wellbeing and the planet's health. At Coin de Rêve, we aim to guide you on this meaningful journey.

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