November 26, 2019 2 min read

Small children at home mean huge amounts of laundry, that's a fact. At times it feels like you do nothing but wash, sort ands fold clothes. The question is, how do you go about washing baby clothing to make them last as long as possible, to get them clean and at the same time be climate-smart. We will give you the answers and kill some myths in the process.

#1 Wash at 60 degrees celsius or the bacteria will not die

FALSE! Bacteria does not die at 60 degrees. The difference in cleanness is non-existent when comparing 30 and 60 degrees water temperature. Washing at high temperatures can also cause damage and unnecessary shrinkage to the fabric, making the garment more compact/stiff. Wash with good detergents at lower temperatures and you will protect both clothes and the environment. Stubborn stains? Rub the stain with hand washing detergent and leave it to act in a plastic bag for a while before washing.

#2 Fabric softener is good for clothes

FALSE! What is perceived as softness is actually a chemical called "quat" that adheres to the cotton fabric. This creates a waxy coat that builds up over time. Apart from making the clothes harder to clean, most of the chemicals go straight back into nature, which is bad news for the environment. In fact, fabric softener contains a powerful combination of chemicals that harms the fabric, can harm your health, damage the environment and pollute the air, inside and outside your home. Conclusion? Don't use it

#3 There's no harm in a little tumble drying, right?

FALSE! Tumbling is bad news for your clothes. The friction and heat damage the fabric, just take a look in the filter where all the torn fibers end up. If you have access to a drying cabinet, use it. And if you feel you really can't do without tumbling: go for a short and gentle cycle with as low heat as possible.

#4 Better more detergent than less

FALSE! The clothes do not get cleaner - on the contrary, detergent residues remain in the clothes, which can cause discoloration and even trigger allergies. Not good for babies' sensitive skin. The fact that large amounts of detergent are washed into waterways is of course not good for the environment either. Find out the water hardness in your municipality by simply googling "water hardness X municipality" and dose detergent accordingly.

#5 Coin de Rêves garments for newborns must be washed before use

FALSE! Our production of cotton garments is completely free of harmful chemicals or other substances that could irritate the baby's sensitive skin. Each garment can be traced back to the cotton seed and our factory, Bergman Rivera, produces completely organic and fair trade. You can, with a clear conscience, use the clothes immediately when you get them home.

So - ready to tackle the laundry mountain with renewed energy? ;-) Our organic cotton collection contains 100% organic garments that get softer and softer with each wash and use. The best to bring in the baby bagor to give as a gift to new parents.

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