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Article: Five reasons to choose Baby Alpaca

Vit gullig alpacka med tofsar på öronen i fina färger

Five reasons to choose Baby Alpaca

Baby Alpaca comes from the alpaca, a fantastically charming animal originating in the Peruvian Andes. The term "baby" has nothing to do with the age of the alpaca, but simply classifies the very finest wool from an alpaca. And apart from the alpaca being primordial, its wool has a number of properties that we particularly want to highlight. These have contributed to giving baby alpaca its premium status.

#1 Soft and silky. Baby alpaca completely lacks the prickly feeling against the skin that some other types of wool have. This is partly due to the fact that its fibers are so thin, which gives a wonderful silkiness to the material, and partly due to the length of the fibres, which means fewer "ends" against the skin and thus a softer feeling.

#2 Perfect in both hot and cold weather. The alpaca originates from the Peruvian Andes where it lives in a climate with temperatures that can fluctuate between -15 and +30 degrees in a day. Its fur is adapted to these weather conditions, which also gives the knitted garments a unique ability to insulate: keeping warm when it's cold, cooling when it's hot outside. The wool is also naturally water-repellent. Cardigan and booties in baby alpaca - absolutely perfect for the carriage walks.

#3 Does not peck, exclusive quality. The alpaca wool fiber is long compared to other types of wool and, despite being so thin and fine, is also very durable. This means that the fibers do not break off as easily, which in turn means that pimples do not form. The material therefore has a soft and pleasant feeling against the skin and the garments last for generations.

#4 Naturally hypoallergenic. Since alpaca wool, unlike e.g. sheep's wool, does not contain lanolin, it is not allergenic or irritating to the skin. Some people experience a slightly itchy feeling from wool, which is usually due to the coarseness of the fibers and not to allergy or hypersensitivity. Baby Alpaca consists of the very finest wool from an alpaca and is therefore soft and pleasant to wear directly against the skin. Excellent for small sensitive baby.

#5 Sustainability. Baby Alpaca is generally more 'sustainable' than e.g. cashmere. The alpacas are cut by hand according to old tradition and the animals are not harmed by the cutting. The wool that you get from an alpaca shearing is enough for up to five sweaters. It can be compared to cashmere where wool from up to four cashmere goats is required for a single sweater. In addition, the alpacas themselves, believe it or not, have a sustainable behavior. Unlike the cashmere goats, they graze without pulling up the roots of the plants they eat, which preserves the pastures. A truly environmentally friendly approach :)

If the above reasons were not convincing enough to choose baby alpaca for your next knitted baby garment, we can also add that our knitted collection is made from a small woman-owned company in Peru, the country of origin of alpacas. We are very proud of that. All wool used is OEKO TEX certified and also comes from Peru.

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