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Our GOTS certified Aegean cotton is grown in the Aegean coastal region of Turkey. Our factory has a long tradition of organic cotton farming. Aegean cotton is known for its high quality and clear white color. Its long fibers create a soft and smooth fabric that doesn't pill and only gets softer with wash and wear.

Soft and cuddly. Thanks to its long and strong fibers, Aegean cotton is one of the most durable cotton types in the world . Our cotton is harvested by hand which, in addition to being environmentally friendly, produces a pure white cotton which in turn produces clear and beautiful colors when the fabric is dyed.

Long-lasting and does not pill. The long and strong fibers provide for a silky smooth and durable fabric that does not pill.

Hypoallergenic. Just like pima cotton, Aegean cotton itself has hypoallergenic properties. This means it's very well suited for delicate and sensitive baby skin.

Grown without toxins. Certified organic cotton, like ours, is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. That feels reassuring when you're dressing your baby. Conventional cotton is one of the most contaminating crops in the world - it accounts for the use of approximately 24 percent of all insecticides and 11 percent of all pesticides. 8 of the 10 most used pesticides are classified as "moderately to highly hazardous" by the WHO.

Best for children's sensitive skin. Children are especially vulnerable when exposed to chemicals and it is the cumulative exposure that can have harmful effects. It's not easy as a parent to keep track of all labels and risks, and in addition to this, there are new findings in this area all the time. Every choice you make in the right direction is good for your baby and if you choose Coin de Rêve you can rest assured that the clothing is safe for your baby's skin..

At Coin de Rêve we don't think that the OEKO tex certification, which only guarantees a minimum level of certain harmful chemicals in the clothes, is good enough. Our clothing is GOTS certified, level organic, which is the strictest certification available on the market and means that our entire production is free from toxins. This choice also means that we do the environment a favor - and that we thereby contribute to giving our children a brighter future.

However, it is not only your own baby and the environment that benefits from organic cotton farming:

  • The cotton farmers and their families get a healthier life when they don't have to work with heavy poisons.
  • The soil that organic cotton is grown in is better off and protected against erosion.
  • Local water is not contaminated by toxic waste.
Kinder, Greener - Better