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Care instructions Cotton

Caring for your Coin de Rêve cotton garments is no different from handling any other cotton fabric. The difference, however, becomes evident with each wash and use - our cotton just keeps getting softer, without any signs of pucker.


  • Choose Low Temperatures: Wash your Coin de Rêve cotton garments at cool temperatures, ideally 30 degrees. Contrary to common belief, bacteria are as effectively eliminated at 30 degrees as they are at 60 (source: Mats Johansson, Textiles University researcher, Borås). Opting for lower temperatures is environmentally friendly, kinder to the fabric and minimizes shrinkage. High temperature washing can cause garments to become overly compact over time.
  • Avoid Tumble Drying: While convenient, tumble drying is harsh on clothes. Natural materials may shrink, and the heat and friction can damage fabric fibers. Notice the lint in the dryer filter? Those are fibers from your clothes. If you absolutely need to tumble dry, use shorter cycles and lower heat to minimize potential damage.
  • Wash Inside Out: This helps protect buttons, which can rub off color in the wash or dryer. Turning garments inside out also reduces the risk of friction on their right side during washing, which helps to prolong the lifespan of the garments.
  • Bonus Tip For Stains: A gentle and efficient way to handle stains instead of washing at high temperatures is to apply a mild hand washing detergent on the stain, place the garment in a bag, and leave it for a while. Then wash as usual. This method is particularly effective on food and grease stains, but it's best to apply this technique as soon as the stain appears.
Adhering to these simple guidelines will ensure that you continue to enjoy the comfort of your soft Coin de Rêve garments for years to come.

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