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FAQ: what is a sleeping bag?

A sleeping bag is an excellent baby pyjama, which simplifies nighttime nappy changes and undressing and dressing. In English it is usually called "night gown" or "sleeping gown". There is another type of night garment which is usually called a sleeping bag ("sleep sack" or "sleeping bag" in English) - it is more like a type of blanket with braces and can be used together with this type of sleeping bag to avoid using a blanket in the cot.

Why sleeping bag?

  • Simplifies nightly diaper changes. Just pull up, change the diaper and pull down again. Can basically be done with eyes closed. Excellent for night sleep during the baby period.
  • Simplifies dressing and undressing. Place the baby on the unbuttoned sleeping bag, tuck in the sleeves and fasten the buttons. Clear! No bouncing legs to thread into small leg openings.
  • Long enough. The design/construction of the sleeping bag means that it can be used from newborn until the baby is 6 months old. In the beginning, you can have the sleeves rolled up a little and there is plenty of leg room. In the end, it becomes a bit more like a nightgown - still with smooth nappy changes.
  • Airy and comfortable around the legs at the same time as it keeps little baby feet warm. If it's a little warmer, you can unbutton the bottom buttons.
  • Ul sweet on. It's amazingly cute with a baby in a sleeping bag. Try it and see :)

How is a sleeping bag used?

Like a regular baby pajamas without legs. Together with socks if you want your feet to be extra warm. However, it is usually not needed in the temperatures we usually have in our Swedish bedrooms.