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Article: Weekly menu for families with children v 38

Veckomeny för barnfamilj v 38

Weekly menu for families with children v 38

New with us: every week we will post our weekly menu in the blog. At the end of the week, we will update the post with what our children thought of it: a 2-year-old, an 8-year-old and an 11-year-old.

The focus is that it should be simple, that it should challenge the children a bit (we think it's better to prepare meals and maybe at least get them to taste them than that it's always meatballs and macaroni right from the start) and of course that should be good. The goal is one fish, one meat, one veg and one bird.

We get inspo from all sorts of places and always link to recipes. In addition to being an inspiration for you, it is also a good way for us to really stick to the weekly planning, which has otherwise sometimes failed during the course of the semester... :)

This week's menu

So to this week's menu! We have, probably just like many others this incredible mushroom year, picked large quantities of trattis this weekend. Our kids don't love mushrooms, but we will have a day with chanterelles - and have a fallback variety. On the vegetable front, we always serve cucumber, carrot sticks and/or tomatoes (not as popular) before the food is ready. As an alternative, also kohlrabi in sticks, which is a real favourite. Great way to get the kids vegetables.

Picture of macaroni pudding in form

MONDAY : Macaroni pudding (45 min of which 30 min in the oven). Hardly requires any introduction, child-friendly and actually also good for adults. We skip the leeks and use pancetta this spring. Recipe and picture from

What did we think? Macaroni pudding is always popular with us and is eaten by all (2, 8 and 11 years). It didn't turn out to be pancetta because I forgot to buy it home. We used smoked ham instead.

Image of Chicken Karahi, Pakistani chicken stew, in a frying pan with bread

TUESDAY : Chicken Karahi (Pakistani chicken stew) (45 min of which 20 min simmer in the pot) . Real kid favorite, you won't regret trying this one! The recipe recommends that the stew be served with bread & rice - we use oat rice, which our children like. Recipe and image from

What did we think? Super good! Recommend everyone to try. Next time, however, we will use basmati rice instead of oat rice, goes better with Indian.

Picture of chanterelle pie with bacon

WEDNESDAY : Chanterelle pie with bacon (10+40 min in the oven) . A little more time-consuming than an average weekday dinner, but so be it. It is also possible to improve efficiency through preparation. You can skip the bacon if you want the dish completely vegetarian, it also shortens the cooking time. Pie dough is super easy to bake, but of course it's just as well to use ready-made dough. It's smart to press the dough into the pie tin the night before and store it in the fridge overnight with a tight bag or plastic wrap around it. Our children are not fans of mushrooms = we make about half the pie without chanterelles, it will be a variation on quiche lorraine that is guaranteed to go home. Vegetables become a green salad and sugar peas that I put in a colander and pour a pot of boiling water over. It goes quickly and becomes crispy and tasty. Recipe and picture from ELLE Mat & Vin

What did we think? We adults loved the chanterelle variety but, as expected, the kids didn't. They liked the cheese pie with bacon though so it was good overall.

Image of breaded sprat with mashed potatoes on a beautiful plate

THURSDAY : Breaded spit with mashed potatoes (30 min) . Good and easy! Fish ✔️ We serve with peas instead of green beans because our little 2 year old LOVES peas. It's convenient too because we always have it in the freezer. Recipe and image from

What did we think? Everyone except our stubborn 8-year-old enjoyed it (he didn't even taste the spit). He did eat peas and mashed potatoes though.

FRIDAY : Tacos, always.... 🥳

Hope you have a nice week! 💛

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