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Bild på Coin de Rêves grundare, Kajsa Cavallin, framför en ställning med kläder

our story: HOW IT ALL BEGAN

Av: Kajsa Cavallin



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to bet on the dream - beauty resides in the simple

In 2015, Coin de Rêve's founder Kajsa Cavallin was pregnant with her second child. In the search for baby clothes for the arrival of little brother, there was no existing brand that really hit the spot.

"Either the ethical aspect was missing or the color scheme was too garish, the materials not nice or the price was too high."

Before the parental leave from her work as a prosecutor, she decided to invest in a dream she had had for a long time - to create something of her own and get to use the more artistically creative side of herself. Thus, Coin de Rêve was born: a children's clothing brand that would not compromise on any of the qualities that Kajsa herself had longed for for her own baby.

It would be soft, organic materials of a high quality, in a beautiful and calm color scale and with a classic design without compromising function and comfort.

"In the simple resides the beautiful. I was inspired by the classic French children's clothing style but also love the Scandinavian, clean. A fusion of these two styles forms the basis of the design in Coin de Rêve."

baby clothes with a beautiful soul

One of the most important foundations of Coin de Rêve is that the production should be as 'kind' to those who work in it and to our planet, as the final product, i.e. the clothes, is to the babies who wear them. This is achieved with high ethical requirements , good working conditions, the use of high-quality non-toxic materials and through the entire creative process being characterized and driven by love and concern for all children and our planet. Ethical baby clothes with a beautiful soul.

"I see all of this as giving our clothes a beautiful soul and in turn giving something extra to the baby wearing them – ie your baby and my baby. Fuzzy? Maybe, but I love it."

The idea that Coin de Rêve's clothes carry something is also connected to the brand name & symbol: Coin de Rêve, which means corner of a dream in French (pronounced Kwan de Revv). It is a place where children's dreams can be free and fly like kites . The children will inherit our planet one day and it is our responsibility to make it the beautiful place they deserve. In every way we can. Our symbol, the dragon, should remind us of this.

Coin de Rêve launched at the beginning of 2018 and has since become a favorite with many parents and babies who appreciate the fine quality and genuine feel as well as the uncompromising nature of the brand.

In the fall of 2023, it was time for Kajsa to take the plunge and leave her regular work as a prosecutor to invest in baby clothes full-time. We at Coin de Rêve look forward with great joy to continuing to provide your babies with soft and organic clothes in classic and functional designs of top quality