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Article: The Ultimate Hospital Bag Packing List for Expecting Moms

Bebis som ligger på sidan och sover, iklädd en gråblå sovpåse i ekologisk bomull

The Ultimate Hospital Bag Packing List for Expecting Moms

Are you an expecting mom wondering what to pack in the hospital bag? Look no further! We've done the research for you, going through numerous packing lists, reading articles online and in magazines, consulting with friends, and even getting top tips from a midwife. The result? The ultimate hospital bag packing list that covers all the essentials, and then some.
Of course, individual preferences vary, so feel free to add your personal favorites. To make things even easier, we've provided a downloadable pdf version of this list at the end of the blog post, complete with space for your own notes.
So, let's dive in!

The Essentials

  1. ID card - Not exactly a shocker, but definitely not one to forget.
  2. Birth plan - Most records are digital these days, but if you have any specific wishes summed up in a birth plan, you'll need to bring it along.
  3. Debit or Credit card - For those unexpected necessities, like taxi fare, parking, and the all-important snack run at the hospital.
  4. Camera - MIDWIFE'S TOP TIP #1 - Capture your baby's first precious days in high-quality photos and video. Midwife wisdom: "Pack a camera so you can put the phone away and be in the moment." (Perhaps, our [link] adorable baby clothes [/link] might make the perfect first outfit for your mini model?). Sure, your smartphone will do the trick (especially newer models). If you opt for that, remember to free up storage space and check your picture quality settings.
  5. Mobile phone, charger, and headphones - Your lifeline to the outside world, both literally and figuratively. Don't forget to include these on your last-minute checklist - ideally as a note on the inside of the front door.

For the Baby

  1. Soft blanket - Think soft, softer, softest! An organic cotton blanket is ideal for your newborn's sensitive skin. Tip: Snuggle up with it at home first, so it carries the comforting scent of mom and dad.
  2. First Outfit - Soft, comfy, and practical is the name of the game. And, it doesn't hurt if they're adorable too, especially for those keepsake first photos. Size 50/56 usually fits most newborns well. Consider packing these items from our selection: two [link] onesies [/link], two [link] wraparound bodysuits [/link], two pairs of [link] soft pants [/link], a [link] cotton cap [/link], and soft socks (go for ones with a higher shaft to keep those tiny toes toasty).
  3. Baby car seat - Planning on a car or taxi ride home? Don't forget to arrange a car seat, as taxis seldom provide them for newborns.
  4. Pacifier - Some parents swear by them, others not so much. If you'd like to bring one, opt for the smallest size.

For Mom

  1. Snacks - MIDWIFE'S TOP TIP #2 - Trust us, you won't feel like fetching a snack in the middle of labor. Stock up on your favorites for a quick energy boost. Midwife wisdom: "You can't have too much of your favorite energy snacks."
  2. Hygiene Products - Pack your favorite unperfumed or mildly perfumed toiletries (the newborn senses are sensitive!). Include a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and face wipes. A lip balm is good to have as your lips often get dry during partum. Include some high-quality, super absorbent sanitary pads too. Don't forget some extra hairbands if you have long hair. A small selection of make-up basics is also nice to have for going home.
  3. Comfortable Clothes - Think cozy, breathable, easy-to-put-on, and practical for breastfeeding. Your body may not bounce back immediately, so maternity wear is still an excellent choice. 
  4. Flip-flops or Slippers - Floors in the hospital can be cold, and flip-flops can also be handy for the shower.
  5. Nursing Bras - Comfort is key here. Go for non-wired, stretchy styles that are easy to unhook for feeding.
  6. Robe - A soft, easy-to-wrap robe is great for labor and postpartum, especially for those late-night feeds. Opt for a cozy robe in a soft. material. 
  7. Nipple Cream & Nursing Pads - Nursing can be tough on your breasts. Protect them with a good-quality nipple cream and leak-proof nursing pads.
  8. Belly Band - MIDWIFE'S TOP TIP #3 - A belly band can provide some support and relief after childbirth. Midwife wisdom: "Many new moms wish they had packed a belly band."
  9. Water Bottle - MIDWIFE'S TOP TIP #4: It's utterly futile to drink from a glass when you're lying down and you certainly DON'T want to get up unnecessarily during or after delivery. Our midwife advises, “Bring your favourite drink, it’s crucial to stay hydrated during labour, and you might not be a fan of the hospital's rosehip soup and juice.
  10. Playlist - MIDWIFE'S TOP TIP #4: Many people create a playlist in preparation for delivery, whether it's filled with empowering anthems or soothing tunes. It's hard to know in advance whether you'll want to listen to any music at all, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
That's it! You can find the downloadable packing list here. And, if you're looking for some baby clothing inspiration for the hospital stay and the coming home kit, scroll down for our curated selection of adorable and comfortable outfits and accessories perfect for your little one's first days.
Happy packing and best of luck on your exciting journey to motherhood!

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