Fuji Sleeping Gown Paper Boats

    Paper Boats

    The best pajamas for your baby (and for a good night's sleep). We can't speak highly enough of its benefits and judging from the reviews it's clear that our customers feel the same.

    So why is our sleeping gown so popular?

    • Elasticized bottom = easy nighttime diaper changes. Roll up, change diaper, roll down. Can basically be done while sleeping.
    • Easy dressing. 
    • Onesize 0-6 months = no need to buy all those different sizes for the first six months.
    • Airy around the legs but still keeps baby feet warm.
    • Sweaty baby? Simply unbutton one or more buttons from the bottom.
    • Super soft, organic & hypoallergenic - the best for delicate baby skin.
    • Extremely cute. Try it and you'll see :)
    Our Paper Boat print in a greyish blue color scale features a baby lamb on a paper boat, holding a flying kite. Pairs beautifully with colors Illusion Blue and Snow White in our Core collection.

    Measurements : 59 cm from the highest point of the shoulder to the elastic at the bottom.

    • Made from organic Aegean cotton . Grown in the Aegean coastal region of Turkey, it is a premium quality cotton. Read more here .

    • GOTS certified.

    • Made in Izmir, Turkey.


    • Machine wash 40 degrees with similar colours.

    • Can be tumble dried, but we do not recommend it as it wears on the textile.

    • Can be ironed at temperature for cotton (but what parent of small children has time for that? :))

    Our more detailed care advice for cotton can be found here .


    For your baby : Babies have delicate skin and the conventional cotton industry is one of the most chemical intensive. No harmful chemicals are used in organic cotton production.

    For those who work in production and their children : It goes without saying that the people who work with these types of chemicals (and their children) get sick. You see a marked change in health in the places where you switched from conventional to organic cotton production. It is our responsibility.

    For our planet : The environment is destroyed by the chemicals used in conventional cotton production, the water and soil are polluted and the balance of the ecosystem is disturbed. Pests develop resistance to the chemicals used and new, even stronger ones are put into use.

    Remember that "organic" are often empty concepts. GOTS controls the factories and farms that are certified. It guarantees that the production is truly organic.

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