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Here are the clothes that sold best so far during our Black Week, which has now been going on for just over a week. Inspiration for Christmas gift shopping perhaps? Some garments on the list have been favorites for a long time, but in place 2 there is a novelty: Laucala Sleeping bag. We think it's so fun, as we absolutely love it and think it's a garment that all new parents should have.
  1. Fuji Sleeping Bag
  2. Laucala Sleeping bag
  3. Megeve Baby Overalls
  4. Alpamayo Slippers
  5. Muslin blanket

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Fuji Sleeping Gown UnicolorFuji Sleeping Gown Unicolor
Fuji Sleeping Gown Unicolor Sale price€46,95
Sold outFuji Sleeping Gown PointelleFuji Sleeping Gown Pointelle
Fuji Sleeping Gown Pointelle Sale price€46,95
Fuji Sleeping Gown Unicolor 6-12MFuji Sleeping Gown Unicolor 6-12M
Laucala Sleep Sack 2.5 TOGLaucala Sleep Sack 2.5 TOG
Laucala Sleep Sack 2.5 TOG Sale price€96,95
Laucala Sleep Sack 1.5 TOGLaucala Sleep Sack 1.5 TOG
Megeve Baby Overalls Wool Fleece OatmealMegeve Baby Overalls Wool Fleece Oatmeal
Muslin Swaddle ButtercupMuslin Swaddle Buttercup
Muslin Swaddle Buttercup Sale price€33,95
Stickade alpaca tossor för baby i krämvit färg Uppvikt stickad strumpa för baby i naturvit alpacka-ull
Alpamayo Slippers Sale price€48,95
Muslin Swaddle Barely BeigeMuslin Swaddle Barely Beige
Muslin Swaddle Barely Beige Sale price€33,95