• Our story

    In 2015, during our second pregnancies, the concept for Coin de Rêve materialized. As sisters and mothers with a shared dream of crafting something meaningful together, we found our calling in the realm of organic baby clothing.

    We longed for garments that were organic, comfortable, and thoughtfully designed, with a timeless and classic aesthetic. Our grandmother Margit's way of dressing our mother and uncle in their childhoods served as an inspiration—a style we felt no existing brand captured. The realization that we could establish a baby clothing brand that matched our vision was a pivotal moment, and there was no looking back.

    Our first meeting, held in the cozy setting of Åsö konditori, marked the beginning of this venture. Many more meetings followed, with countless hours spent on calls, emails, and conceptualization. Despite the distance between us—Stockholm and Ljunghusen—we managed our tasks in tandem, often accompanied by the rhythm of our daily routines—breastfeeding, soothing babies, walking with baby carriers, and, of course, coffee.

    Entering the clothing industry was a departure from our legal professions, but it was an enriching experience filled with learning and excitement. We're grateful to have partnered with Bergman Rivera, a factory that not only produces our fabrics but also ensures ethical production from start to finish.

    We're proud that our cotton garments are produced according to Fair Trade principles, using GOTS certified materials and manufacturing methods—the highest standards in the industry today. Beyond crafting clothes that are soft, beautiful, and high quality, we ensure they're also kind to the environment, the children who wear them, and the people involved in the production process.

    We believe in creating garments with a beautiful, free-spirited soul, garments that imbue the wearer with a sense of joy and comfort. Free-spirited? Absolutely. And it's a spirit we wholeheartedly embrace.

    You can see the results of our journey in our shop. This is just the beginning, and we look forward to what's next. Every detail is thoughtfully curated, and we hope you'll love our creations as much as we've loved crafting them.